bathing suit bottoms. Little girl years are known to be the most memorable and treasurable therefore ensure your little girl looks cute and trendsetting to save the embarrassment of later when keepsakes are relived. Each piece filled with colour and style, from the neutral tones of creams and whites to the bold colours of pinks and yellow. Every little girl desires only the softest of textures therefore only the softest of fabrics are used for each creation. When a little girl takes its first, it has to be in complete style. The finest combination of fabrics woven to create a piece to ensure your little girl has the cute factor.
bathing suit bottomsbathing suit bottoms

03-bathing suit bottoms

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bathing suit bottoms

Our girls bathing suit bottoms, is made in fabrics 80% polyamide 20% elastane lycra® certification. The fabric of bottom is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (control of undesirable substances). The fabric of bottom UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50). The fabric of bottom complies with anti UV AZ / NZ standard 4399-96. Our bottom is Excellent UV protection

bathing suit bottoms - secure and swimming

Our bottom a fun and practical swimsuit with built in sun protection. This bottom, UPF50+ fabric polyamide/elastane swim fabric, blocking out over 98% of UV rays. These UV bottom offer great practical protection both in and out of the water. Children love to wear them.
Cool to wear.
Comfortable, durable and quick drying
High chlorine and salt water resistence.

bathing suit bottoms - Children's UV Swimwear

Summer lines include cute shorts whilst children make footprints in the sand. Swimming costumes and bikinis have been designed to ensure every little girl can enjoy the cool splashes of the blue sea and the summer breezes at the beach. Detail is the key element to creating something extraordinary. The bold and bright colors or subtle tones isn’t always what makes the piece beautiful it is the fine attention to detail, the distinct stitching and cuts, the unique fabric combination which creates a magnificent and individual piece.

bathing suit bottoms - bottom

Our UV bottom, baby swimwear and kids swimwear can offer excellent UV protection. Protect your baby's delicate skin. It's crucial you protect your children from the damaging effects of the sun. We all love being outside on a summer's day, but if you're going to be out in the sun, you need to be safe. Whilst the sun is needed to absorb Vitamin D for healthy bones, only a little is needed each day. Excessive UV light damages skin cells, greatly increasing the risk of cancer later in life. Skin cancer is the most preventable of cancers and yet it is an increasingly common cancer in the world.

bathing suit bottoms - What is UPF clothing?

UPF rating comes from fabric that we use in our designs. No chemicals or treatments are added to the fabric to provide the rating. What makes our garments UPF are due to the following:
Density of the weave or knit of the fabric - the denser the fabric the less UV it lets in.
The type of fibre - Polyamide and elastane Lycra ® which our swimwear is made of disrupt alot of the UV light, whilst a fabric such as cotton doesn't block very much.

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