swim nappy

Our swim diaper, pool and beach. The swim diaper by Petite Source ® is a result of an extensive and rigorous research program

swim nappy - and norms

swim diaper is
Excellent UV protection: a fabric’s ability to offer highly protection from UV rays (upf 50 + is the maximum value obtainable). norms AZ/NZS 4399:1996
A particular attention to consumer safety and the environmental impact of produced swim diaper has allowed Petite Source ® to obtain, among others, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification 1, which serves as a guarantee that all the fabrics have been manufactured in accordance with production standards that protect both consumers and the planet (tested for harmful substances).
Pilling resistant: fabric that is always smooth and pleasant to the touch, tests demonstrate that is resists to abrasions and pilling, with the highest value of 5.
Ultra chlorine resistant: fabric that is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine.
Perfect fit: the fabric elasticity molds to the body without be constricting, allowing the best freedom in movements.
Two-way stretch: fabric with stretch properties on both directions.
Composition 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane norms Lycra

swim nappy - technical product

The swim diaper is a result of an extensive and rigorous research program. The external tissue is of a common swimsuit micro fibre type: 80% polyamide and 20% elastane Lycra labeled. The lining is a high tech product with two unlike sides. The side touching the skin is very soft to the baby’s buttocks. It absorbs the pee and retains the poop. The other watertight side of the lining, has been treated to withstand bacteria, is 2-directional elastic to suit the baby’s confort and blocks passage of any material. The swim diaper is sanitized clariant, treated to resist bacteria and dust mite, it has been waterproofed, made no allergic.

swim nappy - and family

It is really super to swim with your baby totally without any stress

swim nappy - wash

When the swim diaper is dirty, it can be easy washed, just like any other