float costume by Petite Source® is a fantastic safety precaution in and around water to teach swimming. Complies to EU standard CE EN 13138-1. Standard AZ/NZ 4399-96. The fabric is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (control of undesirable substances). 80% Polyamide and 20% elasthane standard Lycra®.
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float costume
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float costume - toddler float suit

float costume

floaties for babies - is made in fabrics 80% polyamide 20% elastane lycra certification. The fabric of float suit is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (control of undesirable substances). The fabric of float suit is UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50). The fabric of float suit complies with anti UV AZ / NZ standard 4399-96. Our float suit is Excellent UV protection

float costume - and standards

Our float suit is approved under Directive No. 89/686/EEC and European Standard EN 13138. Each model and size of float suit Petite Source ®, is in accordance with Decree No. 94-689. Our float suit received authorization to market the CRITT (No. 501 - France). CRITT is notified by the Ministry of Industry and External Trade Organization. The CRITT issued to Petite Source ® Certification CE

float costume - secure and swimming

float suit allows baby learning to swim. Our float suit can have fun in the water. The aquatic environment is a wonderful development environment with our float suit Petite Source ®

float costume - and floats

float suit Petite Source ® was created in 1990. It is many years of experience in serving our customers. Our float suit small floaters most highly buoyant polystyrene material. Polystyrenes our jersey buoy in shape for the comfort of the child. They have a small concave portion against the body and a convex portion to the outside, if we put them next to each other that form a small inner circle and a larger outer circle as a buoy. float suit Petite Source ® has a unique feature that makes it a unique swim suit, swimsuit. Float suit 6 polystyrene in small sizes, our float suit 8 in larger sizes - from 3 years. Our float suit is not only suited to the stature of the child, but also to its weight.

float costume - swim nappy

Swim nappy Petite Source ®. Enjoying swimming with your little baby without any stress. This little swim nappy is the result of an extensive and rigorous research program aimed to create leak free and non-absorbent bathing suits. This leak proof swimsuit is made of two very different types of tissue: a) The external tissue is made of 80% micro fibre polyamide and 20% lycra b) The lining is made of a high tech product with two sides, one side touching the skin is very soft to the baby’s bottom, and it also absorbs the wee and retains the poo. The other lining side has been treated to withstand bacteria, is 2-directional elastic to suit the baby’s comfort and blocks passage of any material. The protective, 2-directional elastic layer has been treated with sanitized clariant, treated to resist bacteria and dust mite, it has been waterproofed, made non-allergic. The fabric of swim nappy is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (control of undesirable substances).